January 2 and 3, 2022


The tournament will be played in accordance with the FIFA rules and the RFEF additional rules, except for the details explained in these regulations.

In the “Qualification Phase” teams play against each other in a one-game league system. All groups will be made up of 4, 5 or 6 teams. We assure a minimum of 4 matches, although if the registrations are as planned they will be more.

Those classified in 1st and 2nd position will go to the “Final Gold Phase”, the teams that finish in 3rd and 4th position will face each other in “Final Silver Phase” and the rest in the “Final Bronze Phase”. Ensuring all teams a minimum of matches in “Qualification phase” and a minimum of one match in “Final phase”.

The final three phases will be played according to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided without extra time, by penalties.

  1. The competition system may vary depending on the number of participating teams.
  2. If at the end of the qualification phase, two or more teams have added the same number of points, the classification of one or the other team will be determined as follows:
    1. Particular result between the tied teams
    2. Goal difference
    3. Goals scored
    4. Fewer number of yellow and red cards (one direct red card equals two yellow cards)
    5. Draw in the presence of the delegates of the teams involved

In the event of a tie in the knockout rounds and in the finals, the match will be decided with kicks from the penalty spot (according to the rules).

The schedule will detail the time of the match, the field where it will be played and its location, and the corresponding age category. 

The Organization reserves the right to change the groups, the calendar, the playing fields and the hours of the matches. Those responsible for the affected teams will be given sufficient notice.

Three 5-minute parts with 2 breaks between parts.

Each part of a match won or tied means obtaining 1 GOAL. The result of the match will be obtained from the result of each party. 




Team A

Team B

Part 1

Team A 1 – 3 team B

0 goals

1 goal

Part 2

Team A 2 – 2 team B

1 goal

1 goal

Part 3

Team A 2 – 4 team B

0 goals

1 goal

Total result

Team A 1

Team B 3

Scoring for group stage

0 points

3 points

This scoring system is a novel concept devised to avoid bulky wins and favor a more balanced participation of all players.

Prebenjamin (2015-2014)

Benjamin (2012-2013)

Alevín (2010 – 2011)

Infant (2008 – 2009)

Players may be registered in higher categories, never in lower categories.

Boys and girls federated or not can participate in the tournament. Everyone will have accident insurance that covers them, regardless of whether they have a file and insurance with their corresponding federation.

It is not necessary that the participants belong to any club or federated school.

The teams will have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7.

In order for the game to start, there must be at least 2 players on the field.

During the match 3 players will participate for each team.

There will be no goalkeeper in any of the cases.

The matches will start very strictly at the time stipulated in the match schedule, without waiting a minute for their start. If the team does not show up or shows up late, the game will be considered lost.

For the game to start there must be at least 2 players.

It will not be possible to warm up on the field of play. A space will be set up that can be accessed 20 minutes before the start of the match.

The referee is the person in charge of directing the game and who has full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game during matches.

He will be in charge of controlling the game, not exempting the responsibility, camaraderie, respect and tolerance of the players.

All teams must be uniformed with the same duly numbered shirt, without being able to match two players with the same number. In the event that the color coincides with that of the rival, the organization will have disinfected numbered bibs in differentiated colors.

Equipment options accepted to participate in the tournament:

a – Use the kits of a non-professional club (first team in the first or second division).

b – Equipment expressly created to participate in the tournament

c – Acquire Valencia CF training KIT for € 55 / kit consisting of shirt, shorts and socks.

Equipment options not accepted to participate in the tournament:

* It is forbidden to use the equipment of other professional clubs

* The kits may not carry any type of message that could harm the image of the tournament or Valencia CF.

10 days before the tournament, a photograph of the kits must be sent to the organization ( info@torneo3x3valenciacf.com ) for validation.

It has dimensions of approximately 12 meters x 6 meters, with 2 goals measuring 1.7 meters long by 1 meter high. The surface is made of artificial grass. The field has rigid side walls 1 meter high. Following the walls there are nets that make it difficult for the ball to leave the field. The area occupies band to band 2 meters from the baseline.

The game can be supported by side and bottom walls to give it more speed.

The ball has the same measurements and pressure as the federated balls in the football 8 category.

All incidents and expulsions that may occur during the course of the competition (on or off the field of play) will be reported to the Competition Committee.

The Competition Committee will be solely responsible for applying the corresponding disciplinary sanctions. At the end of each day, the sanctions will be communicated to the affected teams

The sanctions imposed by the competition committee and its written resolutions cannot be appealed or changed.

Each club will be responsible for the behavior of its players, companions and family, both on and off the field of play. Bad behavior can lead to expulsion from the tournament.

ONLY substitute players and a maximum of 2 persons of legal age of the team may be in the bench area (previously authorized

All matches will start with a neutral bounce in the center of the field and one player from each team trying to get there before the other by starting from their own area.

If the ball leaves the field, the game will be restarted with a throw-in from the ground and from the area of the favored team.

When play is resumed after a foul, the service is always backwards.

The start-up after having received a goal will be done from the goal without having to wait for the team that has scored the goal to get into their own field by planting the ball on the area line and taking an indirect throw-in.

The distance from the ball that the defenders must be in any type of service will be 3 meters.

The penalty will be taken from the area line of their own goal. For the goal to be valid, he cannot dribble the ball in his own field, he must dribble from the rival field.

Penalty will be awarded from the third foul. That is, the fourth foul is a penalty.

Defending with more than one player inside the area will be punished as a penalty, as if the same defender is more than 3 seconds inside the own area will also be punished as a penalty.

All infringements that occur within one’s own area will be punished as a penalty.

It must be clearly indicated who will be the executor of the launch

The players of the team taking the penalty must be behind the ball at the moment of the kick. While the rival players can be in any area of the field but always touching the side wall and without disturbing the pitcher.


If any player commits an offense at the time of the throw:

  • If the offense is committed by the team taking the penalty, as well as whether it scored a goal or not, the game shall be resumed with a free kick.
  • If a player of the attacking team infringes the Laws of the Game, the penalty will be retaken if it was not a goal.

If a team lines up a sanctioned player or one who does not comply with the requirements established by the regulations, the team will lose the game in question by 3 to 0.

The yellow card will be used to communicate a warning. The player who adds two cautions with a yellow card in the same match will be expelled from the same without being able to participate in that match again.

The red card will be used to communicate an expulsion.

The sent off player may no longer participate during the match but may be substituted by a teammate.

The expulsion for double warning will not carry suspension in the following games.

Direct expulsions, previously verified and reviewed by the Competition Committee, will not be penalized with sanction in the following cases:

  • Being sent off after preventing a goal with the hand or wasting an obvious scoring opportunity.
  • Receive a second warning in the same game, this being of a mild nature and without subsequent repercussions.

Serious expulsions will be sanctioned by the Competition Committee and may lead to the suspension of one or more matches, in the following cases:

  • Serious rough play.
  • Spitting on an opponent or any other person.
  • Violent behavior
  • Using offensive, insulting or humiliating language and / or gestures.
  • Aggressive and / or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • All actions that the Competition Committee considers of a serious nature.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, regardless of whether it may occur on or off the field of play, could lead to the exclusion of a player or team from the competition.

Substitutions are made through the entrance area to the field, the game is not stopped to make the change and must leave the field before the new player enters.

The player who leaves can participate in the match again. The substitutions are unlimited.


In the event of any violation of this Rule:

  • the players will be cautioned;
  • play shall be restarted with a free kick from the place where the ball was when play was stopped. In the event that the offense is made when the offending team has made more than 3 fouls, a penalty will be taken.

It is considered a goal as long as the ball, in its entirety, crosses the goal line without breaking any rule.

A goal can be scored ONLY from the opponent’s field. Except in penalties that will be taken from the own area.

The regulations to be applied for fouls and misstatements are established with the FIFA rules and the additional rules of the RFEF, with the exception of the details explained in these regulations.

Defending with the three players inside the area, will be punished with a penalty.

If a team reaches 3 fouls, in the same part, the successive ones will be punished with a penalty.

If the infraction takes place within the area, it will be punished as a penalty.

A player will never be able to use the wall to protect the ball, so he will not be able to remain supported on it with the same. It will be sanctioned with a direct foul.

Any other case that is not included in the regulations, the disciplinary body will resolve what is convenient for the competition.

There will be a control table where the person in charge of each team has to take the sheet with the registered players.

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